Jokes to Tell your boyfriend

Hillarious Jokes to Tell Your Boyfriend to Make Him Laugh

Our digital space is always infused with tons of memes on different topics. But sending the guy you love a funny reel is different from discovering actual jokes to tell your boyfriend and sharing them with him when talking face-to-face. The latter allows you to see his reaction and laugh in unison, which creates a special kind of connection between you.

Maintaining a relationship is not just about discussing serious topics and what you are going to have for dinner. In one discussion on Quora, users mention that comfortable silence is a must for a happy couple’s communication, but what if you have had too many of those? It’s time to spice up your conversations with some sweet jokes for him. Ready to whip up a fresh idea? We have prepared plenty of funny examples for you!

Is It Good to Make Jokes for Your Boyfriend?

A good joke can be a reason for a lot of laughter, which is always great, or even the start of an exciting conversation. In fact, there are some things about your relationship you can discover when bringing hilarious stories into it: 

  • Find out whether you have a compatible sense of humor

          Ensure that both of you share a similar understanding of what good humor is. What one person finds funny, another might find offensive or confusing. Jokes to tell your boyfriend to make him laugh will help you learn your boyfriend’s humor preferences.

          • Build trust

              Discover your partner’s boundaries with the help of light-hearted jokes. Playful teasing and cute jokes for your boyfriend can build trust, as it shows that you are comfortable enough with each other to be vulnerable and silly.

              • Lighten the mood

              Funny jokes for boyfriend may add some relief to a tense atmosphere when you two are about to fight. If you know how to make your second half smile, even in the toughest moments, you will surely be able to overcome any obstacles together.

              A lot of guys believe that one of the must-have qualities in their dream girl is being able to have a blast together. This includes sharing funny jokes for him. 

              love jokes for him

              5 Types of Jokes to Tell Your Bf

              We are not saying you should approach making jokes as science. However, it’s good to know more about the topic and have something funny to say whenever there is a chance. Plus, you might already be tired of boring, corny jokes for him. That’s why we have collected the top funny creative lines you can use to jazz up your love affairs.

              Type 1. Cute jokes

              Make sure you don’t stick to one kind of joke but vary them. If yesterday it was all about you thinking of hot jokes to tell your boyfriend, today it could be about something sweeter and cheesier. Check out our list of cute jokes to tell your boyfriend. 

              • “Pikachu, I love you! Oops, that rhymed better in my head.”
              • “I made this spaghetti for you, but it didn’t turn out perfect. So I’m calling it an impasta. I know I’m hilarious.”
              • “Have I already told you that you are my keyboard? That’s because you’re just my type.”
              • “You’ve been acting like a cashier today, checking me out non-stop, huh?”
              • “One must be a special person to wake up extra early and still be late. That person today is me.”
              • “Life hack: Don’t even ask me what’s for dinner today.”
              • “Whenever you need me, I’m in the shower, boiling myself like an egg.”

              Type 2. Romantic jokes

              These are not meant to make your partner laugh non-stop with such an outcome not being impossible, though. Have a look at some of the greatest love jokes for him.

              • “Do you have a sunburn?” Enjoy how he is looking all over himself. “…or are you always this hot?”
              • “You know what I have decided? I do not need a calendar for this year. I have you, and every day with you is a date.”
              • “Hey, do you have a Band-Aid by any chance?” Wait for the confused look on your partner’s face. “Because it feels like I scraped my knee quite hard, falling for you.”
              • “Well, hello there, you little thief.” Look at his face, waiting for an explanation. “Do you know that you have stolen something important? My heart.”
              • “How are you feeling? I bet you are super tired today. Curious how I know? You’ve been running through my mind all day.”

              Type 3. Flirty sex jokes

              Let’s bump it up a notch. How about some sex jokes to tell your boyfriend? He will be truly amazed if you do not usually say things like that!

              • “You are my bonfire. You make me all hot and fuzzy inside; Damn, I’m nearly burning here.” 
              • “I have always meant to ask you. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I strip naked again?”
              • “What do you say if I call you my switch from now on? The thing is, you turn me on again and again.”
              • “How about we watch “Sex and the City” today, but without the city… and TV?”
              • “If we were cats, I would spend all 9 lives with you. Preferably in bed, naked.”
              • “I suggest we flip a coin. Heads — I’m yours. Tails — you are mine.”

              Type 4. Cheesy jokes for him

              In one experiment with 118 couples participating, it was proven that laughter enhances and strengthens romantic relationships. You don’t have to say something exceptionally funny. Sometimes, you can drop a joke you would normally consider too lame and it just works. Try cheesy jokes for him and watch the magic!

              • “The “P” in my name stands for patience. That’s exactly why it is not there.”
              • “How about making vegetable donuts for dinner? Ah sorry, I meant, What do you think about eating some onion rings? It’s all about how you call them, you know…”
              • Have you ever thought that people who are 5 feet tall are basically just 5 subways tall?”
              • “I was thinking about how you have said that I’m addicted to shopping. What if it is actually shopping who is addicted to me? Have you considered that possibility?”
              • “So, I’ve been productive for 20 minutes today. I think I deserve a good 2 hour break. What about you?”
              • “I’ve decided that I no longer hate Mondays. I’m mature after all. I dislike the whole week now.”

              Type 5. Inside jokes

              Of course, it’s a little hard for us to predict what your inside jokes could be. Take these examples as inspiration. Perhaps, while reading them, you will remember some similar situations you have had with your boyfriend and create your own hilarious lines. 

              • “We should open our own restaurant and call it “Burn it All.”
              • “This goofy song reminds me that I want to go to karaoke with you again. Let’s scare some people in that place one more time!”
              • “How was my day? Let’s just say today I did not rise and shine but rather caffeinated and hoped for the best.”
              • “So, I guess it’s time to go grocery shopping Shall we make a list or do admit that it’s pointless and we will end up buying more snacks than actual groceries?”
              • “Considering how much time we spend in the bedroom, should we reduce our rent to just this one room?”
              • “Let’s go watch this new horror movie in the cinema. I promise, this time, I won’t hide my head in the popcorn bucket when it’s scary.”

              5 Funny Jokes to Tell Your Boyfriend Over Text

              Looking for funny jokes to tell your boyfriend on dating sites or messengers? We know how you can make him laugh, even if you are not together right now. 

              1. “It’s so cold and rainy today that I’m going to stay home and miss the gym. Wanna come over for some indoor ‘exercise’? 😏”
              2. “I was thinking what my love language is, and I figured it’s “Let’s go eat 🤭 ”
              3. When he sends you something funny, your reply could be “hahahaletsgotoeatouttonighthahaha”
              4. “Not only is it not Friday, it’s not even Thursday. So disappointing…”
              5. “What a beautiful day to drink some Aperol and quit our jobs, don’t you think?”

              How about spicing up your regular communication with dirty jokes to send your boyfriend? We have a couple of super hot examples!

              1. “I want to tell you the same as the toaster says to the slice of bread: I want you inside me.”
              2. “How good is your math? Do you know what follows 69? Mouthwash”.

              When you have no time to text jokes or just want to go a simpler way, just send funny memes to your significant other. This is also an amazing way to keep your communication exciting. 

              jokes for your boyfriend


              Humor in relationships is great just because it’s funny. Sharing laughs can help build a stronger, more lasting relationship. What you need to be careful with, though, is sarcasm. A little self-criticism in the form of humor does not do any harm, but make sure you don’t just laugh at your partner or highlight his weaknesses, considering it funny. 

              All in all, being funny with your partner means finding that perfect balance between being funny and not so funny that he suggests you make your own TikTok. But actually, even that last option isn’t too bad. Have fun in your relationship, make use of our jokes to tell your boyfriend, and enjoy a good laugh together!

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