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30 Easy and Hilarious Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend

Do you want to shake things up and put a smile on your partner’s face? Laughter is the best medicine, but it’s also one of the keys to a healthy relationship. Making silly, skillful jokes about your boyfriend is the perfect way to stay connected. A few studies revealed that couples who use humor are more satisfied with their love affairs compared to those who take things seriously. 

There are so many creative ideas and options to surprise your boyfriend without taking things too far. We believe you don’t want it to be a moment of confusion followed by an emotional reaction. In order to do it properly, we offer a good portion of pranks to do on your boyfriend which you will definitely like. 

What Makes Couple Pranks Perfect for Relationships?

Couple pranks can be the perfect way to keep your relationships alive and filled with positive vibes but that is not all. 

  • Relationships often become routine. With the help of pranks, you bring the playfulness that makes you feel youthful.
  • Successful pranks turn into jokes that unite you as a couple. It strengthens the intimacy between partners.
  • Hilarious pranks can be a great choice to get rid of tension. Fun and appropriate jokes can improve almost any situation.
  • It’s also one of the ways to show your affection and desire to keep the relationship exciting. 
  • Funny prank ideas boost a level of trust and security in the connection between partners. You understand that the other won’t take it too far.
  • Playing a joke improves your communication since it requires predicting each other’s reactions and establishing acceptable boundaries.
  • In general, having such an experience creates positive memories that we remember with a smile on our faces.

Make It Wick: 5 Easy Pranks in 5 Minutes

The best part about these 5-minute pranks on boyfriend is that they’re fast, barely make a mess, and will give you both a good laugh at the sheer silliness of it all. 

  1. Switch out the contents of something your partner uses regularly. Watching his confusion is priceless. Make sure you don’t put bleach in his shampoo bottle. 
  2. Cling wrap anything he’s going to use before he notices. The look on his face will be worth the 2 minutes it takes.
  3. Use a photo editing app to change your boyfriend’s selfie on his phone with a silly or spooky picture. Next time, he will check it carefully.
  4. Stick a bunch of refrigerator magnets all over his car while it’s parked. He’ll be confused by the sudden magnetic attraction.
  5. Serve dinner and change his plate with a salty portion. Prepare a sweet dessert to please his taste buds.

10 Funny Pranks on Boyfriend in Person: Let Him Laugh

Pranking your boyfriend may be a challenging task. The main thing in this matter is to know when to stop and avoid painful topics and any others that may affect your relationship. So, if you need funny jokes for your boyfriend that are harmless but offer maximum laughs, here we go! 

  1. Place edited photos of him and change the frames around.
  2. Put a fake parking ticket on his windshield when you go shopping. 
  3. Carefully stuff his shoes with something so they look normal but are solid inside.
  4. Put a fake into a snack while you’re watching TV until he’ll eventually find it and get a jump scare.
  5. Swap his favorite treats with something weird but similar looking like dog treats or raw potatoes.
  6. Record silly voices or sounds and set them as his ringtone.
  7. Attach a banger or balloon to go off when he opens a door so it makes a loud pop.
  8. Use tape or glue to secure household objects he often uses, like the TV remote, game controllers, or even a chair, to immobilize them.
  9. If he uses any lotion or face cream, change the content with something like mayo or mustard.
  10. Fill a bowl with silly string and serve it to him like colorful “cereal” for breakfast.

As you can see, creative pranks to do on your boyfriend can spice up your relationship. Agree that there’s nothing better than hearing: “It’s so great to find a person like you to annoy me for the rest of our lives.” 

15 Best April Fools’ Pranks for Boyfriend Over Text

pranks on boyfriend over text pic

Pranks to do on your boyfriend over the phone also require a special approach. Let’s take a peek at 15 funny messages you can send to your partner. Just don’t forget to let him know you’re kidding at the end!

  1. “I didn’t mean to but I’ve found some really questionable messages on your computer.”
  2. “Hey babe, I scratched your car pretty bad.”
  3. “The delivery guy gave me your friend’s order for some reason. You’re not going to believe what’s in the box.”
  4. “My parents decided to travel across the country and I’m going with them. Lol, got you.”
  5. “I had a little shopping today. Please don’t look at the card balance; I will return everything.”
  6. “I adopted a pet from a dog kennel. You will love him!”
  7. “I cut and dyed my hair bright pink today. Do you like it?”
  8. “Don’t be mad but I accidentally shrank your favorite sweater in the dryer.”
  9. “I used up all the data watching Netflix this month, my bad.”
  10. “I paid for tickets to have dinner at (his most hated restaurant) this evening.”
  11. “Guess what? I got a tattoo of your face on my leg, wanna see it?”
  12. “You’ll never believe what your mom just texted me.”
  13. “I let my parents stay with us for a week. I hope you’re fine with it.”
  14. “I borrowed your friend’s work toolbox and he had lost a few things.”
  15. “The diamond in my ring is missing…I’m so upset.”

How Does a Guy Respond to Pranks from His Girlfriend?

Prank ideas on boyfriend can be perceived differently and vary depending on the guy’s individuality and how personal the prank is. If you decide to make fun of your partner, then be prepared for one of the following reactions:

  1. He laughs it off. If the joke is playful, many guys will simply laugh, share the humor, and maybe even admire your resourcefulness to find a way 
  2. He pretends to be mad. Some men continue to play the fool as if your joke offends them, but then quickly reveal they’re just kidding to strike back. 
  3. He’s going to take revenge. If you prank each other quite often, he clearly considers it a competition and wants to get his girlfriend back with an equally good joke of his own.
  4. He stays calm and confident. Guys with adequate self-esteem and understanding don’t take this fun too seriously and may compliment their girlfriends on successful pranks.
  5. He’s quite emotional. Sensitive men are no exception, as are those who aren’t expecting to be pranked. They can easily get upset before realizing it is just a joke. 
  6. He doesn’t accept it. There’s a small percentage of guys who consider pranks unacceptable and are annoyed by funny tricks.

The healthiest reaction is usually a laugh, not taking it too seriously, and even outplaying another prank. As long as boundaries aren’t crossed and no insults are involved, there’s always a place for pranks to do. 


While there are a lot of pranks to do on your boyfriend that help diversify your relationships, it’s important to know his boundaries and limits. Having fun together comes from affection and inside jokes you both appreciate. The main thing is choosing ideas that allow you to brighten up the seriousness of the daily routine you share as a couple. When it’s done right, you can build intimacy through such an experience. By the way, remember that the response joke will not take long to arrive. If you have any difficulties with his reaction, then tell your partner prank you in return so he understands that it can be a form of love language that keeps you both feeling naughty.

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