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How to Find a Girlfriend?—Best Methods to Know

Are you craving a feeling of novelty? Ready for new love adventures? Then you will definitely need to find a girlfriend. Even if you are an experienced love seeker, finding a decent partner may be a daunting task. Nevertheless, if you start your search in the right place, your love journey will become a breeze. Keep reading to learn the best way to find a girlfriend and make the most of your romantic ventures. 

Top 7 Places to Find a Girlfriend: Online and Offline Methods Outlined

If you wake up each morning with a single thought “I need to find a girlfriend”, then you will need to start your search right away. According to the recent Pew Research Center survey, almost half (47%) of all US citizens say dating is more challenging nowadays than it was 10 years ago. Why is it so hard to find a girlfriend these days? That is because people started to follow different relationship tendencies and have absolutely different expectations about their partners. 

Moreover, finding a soulmate is also a difficult task nowadays. Your romantic search may turn out to be a huge disappointment if you didn’t find the right place to find a girlfriend. It is where this article will come in handy. Mentioned best places to find a girlfriend will help you to effectively organize your search and enjoy your love-seeking adventure to the fullest. 

Go to the gym

How to find a girlfriend at 30? If you are all about a healthy lifestyle and want to meet a like-minded single, feel free to visit a gym. However, this method will be hardly effective if you wonder how to find a girlfriend during a pandemic. In case a Covid situation in your city is normal, you can attend gym or fitness classes. Try to come to the changing room earlier and leave it later to interact with people and find new acquaintances. Be ready to talk to everyone. You never know whether your soulmate is among clients or staff. Once you demonstrate your positive attitude to life and funny nature, you will certainly find someone special. 

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  • You will probably meet a fit lady who follows a healthy lifestyle. 
  • There is a great chance to improve your body during your love hunting. 
  • You will definitely meet new cool people with similar interests. 


  • You may need to attend several gyms to find your soulmate.
  • This method isn’t suitable for those who hate sports.
  • A gym membership may be rather costly, not to mention a personal trainer. 

Boost your social media gameplay

As you know, social media sites aren’t created only for keeping in touch with friends or developing business. More and more love-driven people use them as a perfect tool to make a rapport with new acquaintances. How to find a girlfriend on Instagram? Although there are many upsides and downsides of this method, it still remains one of the most effective ways to find a girlfriend online free. 

Unlike paid dating sites, social media platforms don’t require investing in your romantic journey. However, you can still experience multiple pitfalls like fake profiles, scammers, and people with bad intentions. Whether you use Instagram or Facebook, you can use the searching options and find the lady that fulfills your expectations in terms of appearance. Nevertheless, to discover whether you match each other, you will need to communicate for a certain period. 

how to find a girlfriend on facebook


  • Social media sites allow you to discover how to find a girlfriend without dating apps.
  • You can chat with your admirers regardless of your location. 
  • It is possible to find a girlfriend for free.


  • Social media dating isn’t always safe since you will never know whether there is a real person on the other side of the screen. 
  • It is quite difficult to find a perfect match since you learn about the preferences of your potential partner during cooperation. 
  • Typically, there are a few people on social media platforms who are looking for serious relationships. 

Download a dating app

How can you find a girlfriend? The modern market offers a slew of products that claim to connect like-minded singles. You can opt for free or paid options. Everything depends on your intentions and financial possibilities. The main thing here is to avoid questionable products that can steal personal or billing information. 

If you are still pondering over the question: “Will I ever find a girlfriend?”, feel free to use the matchmaking options. Once you encounter the lady of your dreams, showcase all your creativity and affection to chain her heart.  By the way, discover love words for girlfriend to melt her heart to set the right direction for your interaction. Your potential partner will be definitely pleased with sweet words. 

how to find a girlfriend during pandemic


  • A trusted online app is a handy way to find a girlfriend online.
  • You can use well-elaborated tools to organize a first-class romantic journey. 
  • Be ready to filter out some unwanted profiles. 


  • The majority of dating apps are paid. 
  • There are still many fake profiles on dating apps.
  • You won’t be able to interact with your sweetheart physically. 

Create an account on a mail order bride website

If you have serious intentions and want to find a girlfriend for a long-lasting relationship, feel free to create an account on one of the dedicated mail-order bride websites. Such dating platforms include an extensive database of girls from different countries. These ladies create accounts to find a foreign husband or a partner for serious bonds. They validate their identities, so a man can be sure he is communicating with a real person. 

So, if you are trying to find a girlfriend on a mail order bride site, follow these steps:

  1. Find a reliable platform. Check out whether it has fair terms of use and privacy policy. 
  2. Use the searching options on the site to find a girl that matches your preferences.
  3. Choose the most suitable communication tools to contact gorgeous ladies. 
  4. Make sure you opt for the most suitable subscription option on the site. 

There are hundreds of happy love stories from couples who got acquainted on dating sites. However, this method also has its downsides. Nevertheless, if you are still looking for where to find a girlfriend online, it makes sense to look through a comprehensive guide on adult dating sites to choose the platform that works for you. Also, you can check out the experts’ reviews to ensure the authenticity of a particular platform. 

online dating site


  • An effective way to find your perfect match.
  • All girls’ profiles are validated. 
  • All trusted platforms have a high level of safety. 


  • Most useful options are hidden behind a paid subscription.
  • Not all dating sites come with a dedicated mobile app. 
  • You will need to pay to communicate with girls. 

Visit a coffee shop 

If to believe how to find a girlfriend wikiHow, a coffee shop is definitely a great option to consider. Thousands of ladies come to drink a cup of coffee every day, so you can even choose. However, you will need to have an additional dose of inspiration or confidence to strike up a conversation. If you like a particular girl, try to come to the coffee shop at the same time every day. Thus, you can start a contact. 

how to find a girlfriend if you re shy

If you want to initiate a conversation, come up with a creative approach. Start with an extraordinary question or phrase to draw the girls’ attention and raise interest. Some of the engaging hooks may include:

  1. We have the same tastes, and I believe it is not about the coffee.  
  2. What is the name of the drink you’ve already ordered?
  3. Can you help me find a girlfriend? Or, maybe I’ve already found my best match? 
  4. I think your coffee is sugar-free since you are already so sweet. 

Make sure a particular girl responds to your attention. In case you don’t feel like she has an interest, just move on.  


  • Meeting a lady in a coffee shop is rather cheap.
  • Aside from a girlfriend, it is possible to find new acquaintances. 
  • You can try different tasty drinks every day. 


  • This is not one of the best ways to find a girlfriend if you don’t like coffee. 
  • You may experience a failure if you aren’t confident enough.
  • You will never know whether a particular girl is already involved in relationships or not. 

Go to the park 

If you are still puzzling over the question “When will I find a girlfriend?”, you can simply go to the park. The majority of ladies feel safe when they are in a crowded place. Moreover, it is easy to approach a woman who is drinking coffee or reading a book on a bench. The most important thing here is to strike up a conversation properly and not seem weird in order not to confuse a lady. 

It is advisable to come to a girl when there are a lot of people around. Therefore, she will feel more secure and courteous with you. Also, it is a very bad idea to do your “find a girlfriend for me” quiz at night. Moreover, avoid coming off as creepy, you will hardly have a second chance in this case. 

why can't i find a girlfriend quiz


  • Going to the park is the easiest and cheapest way to learn how to find a girlfriend fast.
  • You can choose a lady based on the physical attributes you like. 
  • There are a lot of chances your acquaintance will be successful. 


  • It is better to avoid starting your love hunting game at night. 
  • There are no guarantees you will find your perfect match.
  • This method isn’t suitable for shy people. 

Have a drink in the bar

If you want to discover how to find a girlfriend without online dating, feel free to visit a local bar. Even though it may seem trivial to pick up a lady in the bar, this method still works great. All you need is to order a drink and approach a woman with the offer to have a couple of drinks together. The most essential thing here is to preserve a clear mind in order not to appear in a strange or awkward situation. A pleasant atmosphere and a light and breezy conversation will definitely contribute to creating a spark between you two. 

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  • It is a straightforward way to initiate an interaction. 
  • The majority of girls in the bars seek new acquaintances.
  • There are high chances to continue the pleasant night. 


  • Most ladies who visit bars aren’t ready for serious relationships. 
  • You may have an awkward experience if you drink too much.
  • There aren’t any guarantees you will meet the lady of your dreams.  


“I’ll never find a girlfriend”—if such thoughts pop up in your mind, then you will certainly need to kickstart your dating journey. You can drastically facilitate your search if you know the top 10 places to find a girlfriend to organize your romantic venture. Having the above-mentioned tips and hacks at hand, you will definitely accomplish your relationship goals and find a girlfriend you have been always dreaming of. 

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