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7 Strange Dating Websites that Really Exist

It is not surprising that online dating is a great way to meet a like-minded person even if hundreds of kilometers separate you. Despite well-known international dating sites, you can come across quite unusual ones. If you are not interested in popular dating platforms and you are looking for some extraordinary place, then explore strange dating websites that surely impress you.

What are the Weirdest Dating Sites?

You can meet online without risks if you pick up a safe dedicated platform, and take responsibility for your own actions. Of course, even trustworthy platforms are known to have online fraud. Which dating site has the most fake profiles? Plenty of users report that the platforms from this list do not contain high risks for you.

1.      Singles With Food Allergies

If you have some food allergy, then you know how difficult it is to date someone like you. After joining this dedicated website, you will discover many new allergies that you may even have not heard about. This site is worth considering in case you want to meet someone special. The interface is plain and navigation is smooth. You will surely get a good online experience with the opportunity to arrange a face-to-face meeting.


This is not one of the niche dating sites but it unites all people worldwide. Lots of users with herpes register an account on the platform. The purposes vary as well. You can join the site to meet a soulmate, a friend, a partner, etc. Besides safe online dating, the admins provide nice tips and other helpful material on STD. Hence, you can easily share useful information with other people and help them cope with the issue. As for the design and navigation, is simple to use.

3.  Sea Captain Date

This is the best dating platform for captains and those who want to meet sea captains. The community is quite large and responsive so you will not experience any problems with finding the same-minded person.  The interface is user-friendly and doesn’t contain any confusing buttons. Once you enter the site, you can browse the registered members and discover basic personal information such as age, country, sexual orientation, photo, etc.

4. Hot Sauce Passions

If you are a great fan of spicy food, then this website is definitely worth your attention.  It welcomes people from your area so that you can easily sort the members in accordance with their interests and preferences. Agree it is a great option since you will not have to date with people who do not share your likes. When you meet in a café and hear that the person can’t stand spicy dishes, you understand that your communication will be difficult. Therefore, it is better to start chatting with the individual who likes what you like.

5. Farmers Only

This site has been an active member of the dating market for over 15 years already. The platform attracts farmers, ranchers, and everybody who likes a rural lifestyle. The site has simple and quick registration and helps people all over the world find the same-minded person with the help of modern technologies. You can filter the results by distance or age. Also, it is possible to check who is online. The platform provides both free and paid options. Massaging is available only for premium subscribers.

6. Clown Passions

What is the weirdest dating app? Clown passions is really. It welcomes people who appropriate fun and pleasure.  If you are fed up with dating serious people, then it is your chance to change things. All members of the community are friendly and do not mind chatting at any time of the date and night.  Besides, here you can find a forum that is regularly kept updated. The main pride of the Clown Passions is a wide range of unique and interesting features that you will not find on other social and dating websites.

7. Tall Friends

Are you tired of meeting people with not suitable height? Tall Friends website is just what you should try. It welcomes tall people who are looking for the perfect partner and are ready for all types of relationships: friendship, romance, casual chatting, etc. The platform has everything for comfortable communication and gives you a unique opportunity to find a perfect match in a few clicks only.


Despite being quite unusual, these platforms can help you quickly reach your goal and meet the same-minded person. What dating sites are anonymous? All of them require registration so you can expect your personal data kept a secret. However, you should ignore the requests to share your phone, email, or other personal data until you are sure that you deal with a real person who has serious intentions.

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  1. Here is a site for dating people by height, this is probably the most popular site! I know quite a lot of people who have complexes because of their height or the growth of their soulmate. And besides, now a lot of people get acquainted on the Internet, why not?! I approve! But most importantly, do not run into scammers. Although no one is immune from this, even on the most honest sites. Basically, it’s the human factor

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