Do Dating Sites Sell Your Data

Do Dating Sites Sell Your Data to Third Parties?

Despite whether you are going to join dating sites for married people or you plan to register an account on some other site, the first thing that you probably worry about is your safety. Most dating platforms say that they are applying advanced security systems, and promise to provide users with 100% security of personal information. But people keep asking “Does Bumble save your data?” or “Does Tinder really delete your data?”. Today, we are going to answer these and other questions that are related to security while using dating sites. Moreover, experts of Mobidate have prepared a list of tips on how to stay safe with dating apps or websites. 

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Do Dating Apps Delete Your Data?

Dating websites and applications aim to help people find true love, start a romantic relationship, or come across a partner for a one-night stand. Users add good profile pictures, add information about themselves and start their search. In fact, this lasts for some time, until the person finds a perfect match, and decides to move to real life. But what happens with dating profile bio and shared pictures? Do dating sites delete your data? 

Well, most dating platforms collect a lot of information about you, but it’s better to say that you provide them with your personal data. For example, big and well-known sites like, ask a lot of questions to find out more about them. Grindr and Tinder also collect different details about you,  but on the background, and you often even do not guess about it. There are also other types of dating websites like VictoriyaClub which do not require answering numerous questions to start your dating experience. 

The fact is that after registration on most dating platforms, AI starts to work with dating profile examples. Nobody knows for sure what information it collects, but it does. Artificial intelligence is used by marketing agencies to learn more about users of dating sites and applications. Even if you read the Privacy policy section attentively before adding dating profile pictures and personal information, you will hardly find something about AI usage for data collection. 

Perhaps, you understand how AI works, yes? It collects tons of data from cute profiles, additional tests, and quizzes. This way dating websites want to learn more about users to enhance the quality of provided services. Also, in some cases,  they sell your data to advertising companies. 

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How to Stay Safe On Dating Websites and Apps?

What is edating? It is a type of online experience that you should be careful with. Many people forget about basic security issues when registering on a dating website or application. Still, if you do not want to become a victim of dating scammers, then pay attention to these dating tips from Internet privacy experts:

  • It is better to prefer paid dating platforms as they are less likely to sell your personal data.
  • Add only a nickname or use the first name as it would be more difficult for hackers to penetrate your account and steal your personal data.
  • Avoid sharing a phone number or home address when texting to users of dating websites. 
  • It’s better to keep chatting exactly on the website rather than move to other messengers. This is safer.
  • Turn off location settings. 
  • Try to use less identifiable data in your dating profile. Employer, education, and other similar stuff may put you at risk. 

Most experts say that despite what dating application or site you choose, your information will surely be saved and shared with the advertising company. You just need to realize, and if you want to stay safe, consider short bio examples that contain a little personal data.

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Summing – up

You can work at your hinge profile for a long time, but you should be ready that that information from it, would be saved and shared. It doesn’t mean that you should always feel worried and delete the best profile pics. It only says that you should be careful, and follow the above-mentioned tips. Observe about me examples, and see how other people try to avoid adding much information and still come up with detailed profiles. 

Choose trustworthy dating websites that do not demand to add a lot of details, or contain plenty of ads. Does Bumble save your data? Yes, it does, like other similar platforms. If you decide to finish your online experience on TS dating, then end your subscription, delete all your data from the platform, and refuse the newsletter. These basic steps will help you stay a little be safer,  and keep navigating username search dating sites when you want this again.

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