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How to Identify a Dating Scammer Quickly?

The number of dating scammers is increasing every year, making people lose their money while hoping to find a soulmate. Rather than sending infected emails, cheaters prefer to have a long game that finally ends with incredible dates’ disappointment in online dating forever. If you do not want to become the next victim of unprincipled users, then learn how to identify a dating scammer.

6 Ways to Spot a Dating Scammer

Today dating scammers join platforms that are designed to bring two people together with the only aim – to take advantage of them. Cheaters do not care about your sex, age, nationality, and other stuff. They can easily understand whether you are a great target for them and start acting immediately. However, with the rise of dating scammers, a few great ways to spot cheaters are coming as well. Here is how you can identify a dating scammer easily:

1. Profile signs

Once you see the interest from somebody’s side, you can open the profile and understand everything quickly. Dating scammers always have only a few pictures and in most cases, they are too glamorous. It means that the user of the dating service has taken a picture of some celebrity. The profile also does not have enough information with common details. Some users claim to be on a military deployment right at the moment. You also should be careful if the person is looking for a partner in your area while living or working in another place.

2. Changing the place

Often the dating scammers encourage the person to move to another platform and continue communication there. It may be Skype, Facebook, or any other messenger. You should be attentive, and avoid chatting with these people as they only aim to get closer to you and discover more personal information.

3. Too early confessing

Dating scammers always hurry up to set strong emotional connections. That’s why they may tell you about feelings and even love already in a week or so. If your interlocutor pays you compliments constantly, it’s good. But if you notice that he/she speeds up things, it should be a warning sign for you.

4. Constant obstacles for meeting

It is common for dating scammers to say how much they want to meet with the person. However, some obstacle arises every time. Since the cheaters are not people who they claim to be, they are not interested in personal meetings. Scammers may say that somebody in their family is ill, or they may be on military deployment, or any other accident occurs. These people have so many reasons on their list that you will always feel like it is true and you need to wait again.

5. Refusal from video chat

If your online interlocutor constantly refuses to have a video chat, then you may deal with a dating scammer. Such a person uses fake profile pictures and pretends to be someone else. That’s why he/she never chats via video, as it is a direct way to betray oneself.

6. Financial help

As you now understand, money is the main goal of dating scammers. Hence, it is evident that the person who asks for money may turn out to be a cheater. The reasons are different, from expenses for a plane ticket to meet with you, to medical treatment. If any type of financial request comes from your new friend, then it is a red flag for you to be a target of a dating scammer.


These signs will help you spot a dating scammer and start to be more careful while dating online. Still, there are a few effective tips to avoid cheaters while looking for a special one. First of all, you can use any of the available tools to verify the person’s image. If it is fake, then you will see a variety of profiles with the same photo but different names.

Never share too personal information with a stranger as this will prove you to be a perfect victim. Do not match with the profiles on dating apps that seem to be strange. And of course, the main rule is to prefer registering an account on a reliable dating website. In this case, you can be sure that the administration uses advanced security technologies to ensure that no one can access your personal information.

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