Scambaiting. How to Become a Scam Baiter?

Have you ever thought about getting revenge on scammers for their spam emails, fake phone calls, letters about allegedly won lotteries, text messages asking for help from a friend or relative, and other clever tricks? It turns out that this idea is by no means new: there have been active anti-fraudulent initiatives for several years. Some people who take part in them are often called scam baiters.

The Essence of Scam Baiting

The term “scambaiting” describes the activities of people that target scammers who try to deceive naive victims with their false promises and deceptive schemes, all to steal money that Internet users earn through hard work. Due to the rapid rise of dating scamming, scambaiting has become one of the most important issues at present time.

Anti-scam can be both active when actions are taken directly against scammers, and informational, when people are alerted on targeted forums or sites about new types of scams and methods used by scammers. To put it simply, anti-scam is scamming directed against a scammer. The user poses as a gullible victim, responds to a letter, or otherwise gets in touch with scammers, plays a trick on them so that they waste time and resources, thereby taking revenge for their fraud.

What Do Scam Baiters Do?

Perhaps in general you have got the idea of scambaiting. But what do scam baiters actually do? Well, these activists pretend to be real victims of scammers. They start the communication in dating apps or websites and try to discover the scammers’ tools and common methods that they use for deceiving people and taking money from them. Then, they share this information on the forums in order to prevent other daters from getting into a trap of skilled marriage swindlers. Or, scam baiters get in touch with the website’s administration so that specialists can block the scammers and totally restrict access to the dating platform. Some scam baiters are motivated by a sense of duty, others are inspired by more experienced activists. But of course, in most cases, it is the way to take revenge upon offenders.

Effective Tips for Scambaiters

If you decide to decrease the number of dating scammers and allow other people to receive great experience on international dating sites, then keep an eye on the following nuances:

  • Fake personality. The scambaiter needs a phony email address, counterfeit name, telephone number, and other individual information to contact the trickster. This stays away from mix-ups and conceivable declassification. It is better to use free email services like Gmail. All in all, scambaiters ought not uncover their genuine subtleties. If a trickster inquires as to why a scambaiter never answers calls, you can say that you were busy at work, shopping, etc.
  • Fake passport. The dating scammer may ask for a passport to purchase a plane ticket to meet face-to-face. Scambaiters should be ready to provide a phony passport to avoid related suspicions.
  • Communication. You should be very attentive while communicating with scammers. It is better to write down some useful notes on what to say, how to react, and what to do if some suspicions arise. Read more about the experience of other scambaiters especially if it is your first attempt.

Final Thoughts

Scambaiting is gaining more and more popularity among women and men at present. The daters are fed up with users who recognize themselves smarter and want to get money without working even a day. That’s why many smart ladies and gentlemens think about becoming scam baiters. It is not as easy and safe as it may seem to be at first sight. Hence, if you have decided to become a scam baiter as well, you should be ready for risks, curses, and other undesirable things. Keep in mind, you are fighting with hoodlums!

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