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Unfortunately, dating fraud is getting more common these days. With so many girls who decide to use dating websites and apps to find their love, coming across a dating scammer is not a rare case. While there are many types of cheaters who try to get girl’s banking details or directly ask for financial help, there are men who can be grouped under a single name – military scamming. Do you know who they are and how they differ from other cheaters? Let’s find it out!

Military Scamming: One Legend for Everybody

Military scammers always have the same legend for all interlocutors. The latter is sure that the man is serving in Afghanistan, Syria, or any other similar destination. They are single or divorced and dream of finding some special woman just like you are. Does this situation seem to be familiar to you? Maybe you have recently chatted with a military scammer or heard that your friend has? Not to become the next victim of military scammers, you should know common facts and the ways of avoiding cheaters.

Top Signs of Military Scammers

If you notice any of the following signs while communicating with a man, you can be sure that you deal with a military scammer:

  • He states to be on a peacekeeping mission in Syria, Afghanistan, or somewhere else
  • In all cases, the man states that he is searching for a genuine lady
  • He calls you “my adoration”, “my dear” or some other warm term very quickly
  • The man experiences passionate feelings almost at once
  • He says that he can hardly wait to be with you.
  • There is in every case profound individual injury because of the passing of their mates, parents, or spouse, who died under critical conditions: from malignancy, in labor, etc.
  • The man can’t chat on the telephone or webcam for security reasons
  • You can get a parcel (cash, adornments) via the post

Finally, military scammers state to be in the US military; nonetheless, their English and language structure don’t coordinate with those who were brought up in the United States. If you notice any, do not waste time and report a scam at once

How to Cope with Military Scamming?

Did you notice any of the above-mentioned signs? Then take a few efficient tips into consideration:

  1. Never send money. Be suspicious once you get a request from your interlocutor to lend money. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. The man may ask for urgent financial assistance to pay for medical bills, change the phone to call you, etc. If he does, quickly finish your communication and never come back to this relationship.
  2. Be attentive with facts and check them. Remember what the man tells you and always analyze your communication. When the person lies, earlier or later the truth becomes evident, hence it is only a question of time and your attentiveness. You can recall some situations to ask extra questions. If the person lied, you would understand it by wrong answers and new details.
  3. Speak over the phone. Insist on personal communication over the phone or video call. The development of modern technologies allows everybody, despite the location and activities, to make a video call. This way you can ensure that the person is real and everything that he says is true as well. Otherwise, you may feel suspicious.
  4. Watch for grammar. The person who serves in the USA is expected to have a good command of English. If you notice that your new friend writes sentences that are full of mistakes and they look messed up, then you need to be careful and stop the communication when you understand that it is not safe.
  5. Protect yourself. Be attentive to every new stranger who comes into your life and promises to change it at once. All those lovely words, compliments, and stories “happily ever after” should cause concern. The person who takes things seriously will never speed up your communication.

Final Word

Finding the same-minded person who shares your values, life goals, interests and is ready to build serious relationships, is true luck. However, many girls let their guard down and choose to follow their hearts instead. They forget to check the facts and usually trust words instead of words. If you got acquainted with the person who claims to be a military man, you should pay attention to the signs that will help you understand whether this is true or not. Avoid joining strange, unknown dating services and register an account on a legit dating site. This will boost your chances to meet an honest man who is seeking someone like you.

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