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Discover What to Do on Second Date

If your first date was successful, then perhaps you are eager to see the person again. This is when questions like what to do on a second date come to your mind. A new meeting must let you learn the person better, and see whether you have something in common. If the second date is successful, you will more likely to have the third meeting. So, before deciding where should we go on a date, you need to have some considerations.

Consideration and Second Date Tips       

Should you go on a second date if you’re not attracted? Definitely no! But if you like the person, then you should take a chance to learn her/him better. Mind that the primary goal of the second meeting is to understand how you feel about your interlocutor. But it is also important to have a good time. Leave deciding serious issues like “Can we build a perfect family” to better days. These considerations and second date tips will surely help you a lot:

  • Recall your first meeting. What did you do? Did you both like that date?
  • Are you looking for similar good date ideas or do you want to do something different?
  • What did you like the best? Can you connect it to the second meeting?
  • Did the person mention wishes and dreams? Could you tailor them to what to do on a second date?

Do not go too serious. The first meetings are so romantic and light. It’s the magical period when people get to know each other better. Pick up one of the following second date ideas, and have a lot of fun.

7 Good Second Date Ideas That You Should Try

Actually, there are so many date ideas for the second meeting. But you should mind previous experience, your and the interlocutor’s preferences, time, and other minor details to arrange the best date ever. Look at these second date ideas, and choose the one that appeals to you more.

1.      Play games

If you want to set a friendly atmosphere then choose one of the popular games to play with the person. It is a great chance to find out how your interlocutor reacts to some things and behaves in crucial situations. Or, you can go to an amusement park and try different attractions there.

2.      Go to drinks/foods

This idea may seem to be trivial to you but you can always make it creative. For example, there is a new place in your city that neither of you has visited before. Or, you can teach each other your favorite recipes, and then taste dishes together. Try things that you have been dreaming about, oysters, for example. See? There are so many variations that you can work out instead of having a boring dinner at a restaurant.

3.      Walk outside

This is the best option if you want just to chat and get learn the person better. What to talk about on a second date? It is better to stay neutral and discuss some common topics. Do not try to cross the boundaries and ask too personal things. Discuss hobbies, traveling, favorite activities, etc. Also, you can make a picnic on the river bank or any other nice landscape. This way, you will create a less formal atmosphere and both of you will feel comfortable.           

4.      Attend some event

When you know how to ask for a second date, you can find out what events take place.  Visiting one of them is a great idea.  Choose which one provides entertainment, interest, and new experience and it is still not too overwhelming. Some of the great events to consider are:

  • An outdoor cinema. You can enjoy nice movies and see if the spark is here. Such movie nights will surely appeal to both of you.
  • Sports events like football, basketball, rugby, or any other live sport with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Some performance or show that is not too soon so that you have enough time to prepare and buy tickets.

These are just a few nice ideas to consider. Do not forget about festivals, courses, etc.

5.      Have a workout class together

What should you not do on a second date? You should not do things that make you or another person feel uncomfortable. Not all people will like the idea of a workout class. But if you both are into sport, then it is a great way to get closer and have a great time.

6.      Do some activity

Do you like painting or cooking? Maybe you are into cycling or fishing? Perhaps after the first date, you know whether you share some interests. Therefore, you can plan the second date that will let both of you enjoy the meeting, reveal each other from another angle and understand whether you want to meet again.

7.      Go to a karaoke club

If you both like singing and having fun, then karaoke is a great option to consider. In this case, you should not even think about what to talk about on a second date. All you need to do is to have fun, and that’s all. Stop searching for second date questions and have a good time. If you met online, then back to the person’s profile and see the hobbies section. Is there a signing? Then karaoke club will be great for sure.


  1. What is a good second date idea? This is when you both feel comfortable and interested. Discuss with your new comrade what he/she would like to do and decide.
  2. Is it OK to kiss on the second date? It depends on your desire and willingness. If you both feel like doing that, then forget about rules and just follow your heart.
  3. How do you know if a 2nd date went well? Your date went well if you agreed on seeing each other again, or at least calling. A nice message just after saying good-buy also may say that your second date was good.

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