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Signs of Online Dating Fraud You Should Mind

Let’s imagine that you have registered on a dating site and hoping to meet your destiny, you start communicating with everyone who writes to you. However, not everyone who is interested in your profile is really interested in you. Scammers will happily ask you about what you love and what you are fond of, gain confidence, convince you that you are in love, and easily cheat you. How not become a victim of such people, not to lose money, and not be disappointed in love online? Discover signs of online dating fraud and enjoy a safe experience.

5 Signs That You Deal with a Dating Fraud

According to EuroWeekly news, dating and romance frauds go on earning a lot on their victims. If you do not want to be one of them, then try to remain careful even if you are almost in love with your interlocutor. These signs will help you spot online fraud at once:

The person asks for money

It is the first and the most evident sign of dating fraud. Usually, you may receive a message with a request to lend some money to settle an urgent situation. In most cases, the person promises to return funds the next day and apologies for disturbing you. The truth is that you will never hear about this person again. The date who is interested in communication with you, will do everything to show the best sides of your own individuality rather than talk about unpleasant financial situations.

Your date looks like a supermodel

Most frauds start with adding an attractive picture to the profile. Usually, it is a photo of some celebrity, model, or any other famous person. To clarify, if you find the photo to be too fantastic for an ordinary date, you can navigate the Internet and check this. Moreover, a cheater may even steal the picture from the profile of another person. You will be able to identify it as well.

The person refuses video calls

Traditionally, any online communication starts with exchanging messages. This is the best way to break the ice. However, it is important to go to video calls in a couple of weeks at least. If the person is afraid of Skype, this may be another sign that you are dealing with a dating fraud. The honest person has nothing to hide. If he /she is really interested in communication with you, will never refuse video calls.

There is no digital footprint

It would be a real challenge to find a person who at present doesn’t have a social media account. For example, it may not be very active with tons of photos and stories. But at least a few posts are to be published at different periods of life. If your interlocutor insists that he/she has no account on any of the social networking sites, it seems to be quite strange. From this very minute, you should be more careful and attentive.

Your date makes an avowal of sentiments at once

Perhaps most people would like to hear words of love, constant compliments, and other romantic stuff. However, if your date is ready to make an avowal of sentiments in a few weeks or even days after your acquaintance, then it is a reason to doubt whether these feelings are real. Or it is just an attempt of a marriage swindler to come closer to you and soak into your mind.

It’s a Dating Fraud. What’s Next?

If you notice at least one or a few above-mentioned signs of dating fraud, then you should act immediately to protect yourself for sure. Some dating websites allow adding other people to a blacklist. Take advantage of this option and restrict access to your account. Stop answering the person on social media or any other messengers that you earlier have used for communication. Also, you can get in touch with a support system and ask for assistance. Taking preventative measures will save you from receiving such unpleasant experiences again in the future.

Did you decide to use international dating sites to meet your destiny? Then you should prefer only reliable platforms with large and active communities. Always read Terms & Conditions to understand your obligations and rights within a particular site. Do not neglect to study privacy policy to ensure that the administration realizes the problem of dating scammers at present. It must do everything to prevent and decrease such cases.

Final Remarks

Always ask your interlocutor questions. Do not rely only on the information that you found in his/her profile on a dating site. Pay attention to how the date answers your questions. And whether you receive answers at all. Usually, frauds use template letters with sensual declarations of love, ignoring all questions. Finally remember, finding true love online on a dating site is possible and hundreds of success stories prove this. Still, you should be attentive and keep a cool head if you notice something strange.

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