Why Guys Give up on Relationships

Why Guys Give up on Relationships: Common Reasons

Building relationships has always been challenging despite how old you are or what experience you already have. Things that have worked with one partner, may not work for another one. Men are more likely to break the relationship even if they are soft on the girls, and this is not a big surprise. Why guys give up on relationships?  There is no one definite answer to this question, still, you can find out common reasons for men opting out of relationships. The following guide will provide you with the main causes and let you look at such popular issue from another angle. 

Discover Why Men Giving up on Relationships

Perhaps you have seen how the man carries a torch for his girlfriend. He invites her to restaurants, pleases her with flowers and gifts, says love words to melt her heart, and then this story gets a not a very happy ending. Why does it happen all like that? Why do guys give up on relationships? Let’s try to figure it out. 

1. Bad experience

This is one of the most common causes that make men say “I give up on dating and relationships”. Some people mistakenly think that guys cope with divorce and separation easier than women. But actually, things are the opposite. If you do not see how the male worries, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t go through difficult times. When relationships are over because of cheating, most men prefer to focus on other things instead of starting dating again. It would be quite difficult to find a guy who is open to new experiences if his previous one was not very positive. Guys who failed to build good relationships, find it difficult to trust women again. They think that long-term commitment is not the right idea for them, and prefer using adult dating sites to find a partner for a one-night stand. 

2. Pressure

Unfortunately, not all young people have an idea of how to build relationships. This is why most unions do not last for a long time. Women come with such high requirements for men, so they prefer to escape. Even if the girl is gone on the guy, soon she starts to point to his weak qualities. In some way, a woman wants to change the man that only yesterday she was mad about. Constant pressure and dissatisfaction make guys feel unhappy. Who on Earth would like to live such a life? As a result, man is giving up. He doesn’t want to come back home and listen to negative things. Most males expect to receive positive energy from women, and when they do not get it, the only way for them is to go away. 

3. Focus on career

A desire to achieve more and build a successful career is another reason why do guys give up on relationships. If the man understands that a particular union doesn’t let him reach definite goals, he decides to go away. Determined guys choose professional development and give up the idea of a happy relationship because they want to improve the quality of his life and the life of their future family. Not all women are ready to wait for their partner until late at night and spend weekends alone while the man is building his career. This is why most guys are sure, the absence of relationships will play into their hands and let to become successful. 

when to give up on a man

4. Absence of support

Let’s face the truth. Men do not want women to decide their problems and seek great solutions for them. They just are eager to feel support and care. Even the strongest guys experience difficult times, and a warm word and readiness to be by their side will make wonders. If any of your friends gave up on relationships, you should know about it. In most cases, they decided to stay single instead of being with a woman who is totally indifferent to things that happen in their life. 

is he getting tired of me

5. Age

Why do guys give up on relationships so easily? They just are not ready to share their life with somebody else. Men decide to build a family later than women. First, they want to date, attend clubs, work at self-development, try new things, and only then calm down and think about relationships. Getting older, mature men know what they want. A guy who chose a definite woman, will appreciate her and try to create a happy union. So, it is only a question of time. 

6. Wrong women

Have you ever heard the phrase “Is he tired of me” from the woman? Perhaps, yes. Ladies want to look better than they are, and all this ends with a big disappointment. The women are eager to control everything, including the man’s life. They lack feminity. As a result, the guys do not get what they initially expect to receive from women.

Other ladies may be focused on career and self-development, rather than creating a cozy atmosphere at home. But this is what makes most men eager to return from work. Giving up on relationships in this case seems to be a good idea for most guys. The same works for cases when ladies are interested only in financial support. Yes, such unions exist until the rules satisfy both partners. But there is hardly a man who would like to build a relationship with a woman who is into money only.  

7. Childhood problems

Probably, everybody knows that most problems that we face, have deep roots in childhood. Some men are giving up on dating and relationships because they can’t boast a good connection with their own mother. A guy with such a story doesn’t trust women and is not sure that some girl may love him back. As a result, the man often gives up on dating without any explanation. 

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8. Short-time commitment is easier

When a guy gives up on you, it may mean that dating is not what he is looking for. In most cases, this requires time and effort. Some males admit that dating is also quite expensive. They prefer short-time commitments without any obligations. This way, guys have a great time and do not have to invest any financial or emotional effort. Simply put, a one-night stand works as a good way to relax, and still not to take any responsibility for that. 

9. Misunderstanding and stress 

Can tired guys build good relationships? Perhaps, no. Even if they look strong and indifferent, it doesn’t mean anything. They do not want to choose relationships that are full of constant stress and misunderstanding. Fights and disrespect always lead nowhere. Males want to return to positive women, who can cope with their own emotions and place the right priorities. If the guy says “I give up on relationships”, it means that he didn’t mean the right woman who tries to do her best to save the fire, understanding, and passion in the relationship.


 10. Tiredness 

And last but not least, guys simply want to rest after a long-term relationship and prefer to stay alone. They use this time to think about previous experiences, develop new skills, devote time to relatives and friends. Males rarely get into dating experience at once. They prefer to take a break, and refresh their life before getting acquainted with another woman. 

All Men are All the Same 

Have you ever heard the phrase “All men are all the same” from women? Perhaps most guys have heard it at least once. What does the man feel at this moment? Disappointment and absence of desire to start a relationship. Women often treat males like:

all men are the same
  • Losers. Nowadays, most women have a good job, high income, and some property. They expect to be it like that from men as well. If the guy is not very successful as a specialist in some area or has difficulties at the moment, most ladies would call him a loser. It sounds funny, but there are still some women who are sure that they are motivating the man by emphasizing his failures or problems. The truth is the opposite. Guys do not want to be treated like losers, and they need to listen to other words. 
  • Kids. It is well-known that men develop slower than women. This fact makes most ladies treat guys like immature personalities. But no man wants to feel such an attitude. Even if the woman is more experienced and older, it doesn’t give her the right to take a partner as a kid. When the man notices such behavior, he understands that the lady doesn’t consider him to be mature and serious. It’s not what guys expect to receive from relationship, so they decide to give up. 
  • Victims. Some women are sure that their mission is to rescue a man. They find something that is wrong with their partner and starts to change it. Unfortunately, girls forget that they are dating a guy who has his own preferences, point of view, and previous experience. He doesn’t need to be rescued. He seeks to support, attention, care, and inspiration. 

Once a woman says “You do not differ from other men at all”, she loses a chance to build a relationship with a particular man. Perhaps, no lady would like to hear such a phrase from the male, and it is important to remember about it. Every guy is unique and deserves to be treated accordingly. It is foolish to treat him like trash and hope to see a successful partner besides. 

ive given up on you

Why Men Stay Single: Summing-up

It is a big mistake to think that men give up easily. They also experience a wide array of feelings and emotions. But it doesn’t mean that they will never connect with a woman again. Yes, most males find it difficult to open up to a new experience after a breakup. Still, the hope exists. It should be mentioned that exactly a woman positively impacts the man. The right lady can change the guy’s views and encourage him to try building a happy relationship once again. So, despite what reason makes him give up on relationships, meeting a special woman may put everything upside down. If you have no idea where to get acquainted with the right girl, then start with a secure dating website that has already helped hundreds of people to find a soulmate. 

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  1. There are such men who do not take care of themselves before meeting a girl. For them, only work, home. After meeting a girl, he begins to take care of himself in order to please the girl. In this case, even the girl begins to act, she asks him to change for her. In this case the girl turns out to be strong. A man should charm his girlfriend, he should not be stingy and greedy, such a man will definitely please a girl. He must be decisive and courageous, girls love decisive ones.

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