blackmailing on dating sites

Peculiarities of Blackmailing on Dating Websites

Nowadays, international dating sites are not the only place to get acquainted with somebody special. They have become perfect platforms for cheaters. While dating fraud prevents people from receiving pleasant experiences and starting the relationships of their dreams, there is an even more serious problem. Blackmailing is strongly associated with online dating. According to recent research, it has become issue number one in many countries.

What is Blackmailing?

Blackmailing is the way that the scammers use to get money from other people for keeping some secret and not telling it to others. Websites and dating apps are known to be the favorite platforms for scammers. Here they can start the communication with the person who is looking for a serious relationship, one-night stand, or even virtual experience. The cheaters aim to get closer to a potential victim and get access to personal information or even intimate pictures. Once they are lucky to do it, a grand game starts. Scammers force victims to give money by threatening to tell secrets to the family or post pictures online. If you are not ready to lose cash and want to save your reputation, then it is important to know what to do in such a situation.

7 Steps to Overcome Blackmailing

The best way to overcome blackmailing is to be attentive while dating someone online, and do not share personal pictures until you are sure that the person is really interested in you. Especially when it comes to requests to send your intimate pictures. It should be a warning sign for you. But unfortunately, most people forget this rule when they fall in love and are ready to send pictures, chat for hours, and believe in a common future with a particular person. But what to do if eventually, you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation? Let’s find it out:

  • Try to stall for time and do not respond to anything, or you may write that you are searching for a necessary amount of money.
  • Delete a scammer from the list of your friends and restrict access to your profile, or delete your own profile completely. In most cases, dating cheaters are not experienced IT specialists so you just need to save your contacts from the possible direct e-mail or at least narrow down a circle of people who may get unnecessary information.
  • Get in touch with the administration of the dating site asking to block the scammer immediately.
  • Approach the police and explain the situation. Here such information will be useful: a person’s phone number, screenshots, voice messages, etc.
  • Avoid paying money as there are no guarantees that the scammer will not ask more. That’s why it is better to approach the police at once even if you find the situation awkward.
  • Try to cancel the money transaction via the bank or the payment system.
  • Do not give up and try to bring the case to an end.

Last-minute Tips

If you forget the main rule to keep your personal information including passport data, photos, passwords, address a secret, then be ready to suffer from unpleasant circumstances. Even if you approach the police, you need to mind that such cases are usually investigated for a long time. The best thing that you may do in such a situation is to delete your account on a dating website and avoid sharing new photos, news, or posts on your social media account. You should do everything so that a scammer loses the sign of you. Otherwise, this person may appear in your life again and demand money. Do not shift the blame to the website’s administration and always take the responsibility for your own actions not to be disappointed in the long run.


Dreaming about meeting a like-minded person and starting a relationship, many people decide to check their luck online. With the fast development of modern technologies, dating websites seem to be a great option for those who are looking for love, casual dating, or just pleasant acquaintances. But you need to be aware of military scamming and other people who just want to take your money and do not care about your feelings at all. Always be a little bit suspicious with new friends and do not hurry to fall in love with a perfect guy or girl as the first impression may be wrong.

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