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Mind Games in Relationships: Meaning, Signs, and Examples

It is not a big secret that building any kind of relationship, especially a romantic one, is a real challenge sometimes. Of course, at the very beginning, you will hardly understand this as your stomach is full of butterflies, you hear love words, and you think about your significant other 24/7. You make plans, get to know each other, have fun with friends, and think that it will last forever. However, at some point, your romantic venture is a risk of ruining. You can’t understand what is going on. A person who only yesterday was full of love and care for you, today behaves in an opposite way.

For example, late at night, you agree about spending a weekend at a country house with your parents but the next day your partner says that it is the worst idea ever.  Regular changes of mood from enthusiastic to cold become a usual attribute of your relationship. Even if at first, you do not pay attention to it, and find at least some reasons to explain the following tendency, soon you are more likely to realize the problem of mind games in relationships. 

What is Mind Games Meaning in Relationships?

First of all, let’s look at the definition of mind games in relationships. It is a way for a partner to manipulate another one. A special psychological tactic aims to set a strong control and make a person do certain things. In other words, a partner who gets involved in such mind games is eager to avoid taking responsibility. Actually, there are a lot of examples of mind games in relationships that you may easily recognize.

For instance, you need to arrange an important meeting or purchase something and you want to ask for help. But your beloved is ignoring your calls and messages throughout the day, saying that it was a very busy day. As a result, you spend a lot of time waiting for a response and eventually get nothing. In case, you still hesitate about whether these are mind games that you face every single day, then look closer at common signs of mind games people play in relationships. 

Main Signs of Playing Mind Games in Relationships

You may suspect mind games in a relationship, but you can’t know this for sure until you are aware of the signs. They will let you analyze the situation and make the right conclusions. Looking at the same situation from the perspective of new knowledge is the best idea for cases when you feel confused and lost. So, here are the major signs of mind games between partners. 

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1. They compare you with other people

Do you often hear such phrases from your partner as “That girl is more beautiful than you”, or “That guy earns more than you”, etc.? Well, it is a common way to show own power and control. At the same time, you always feel that you are not enough good – you are less attractive, less successful, less intelligent, etc. Being compared with other people is really exhausting, and it has certain consequences. 

2. You start to doubt about yourself

Due to constant control and regular comparisons, you start to doubt yourself. Your self-esteem is worsening and you do not think that you are worth something good. Step by step, you agree on a low income, cheap clothes, and the last place in your partner’s list of the most important people. You do not feel confident anymore, even if only yesterday you were among the first in all aspects of your life. 

3. You always feel jealous

You feel jealous all the time and actually, it is not your fault. This is your partner who makes you feel this way. You may notice they use adult dating sites, or flirt with other people just in front of you. Moreover, the partner does it intentionally in order to show who is a leader. In fact, there are different forms of such manipulation. Still, the final question is all the same: what is their real intention towards you in this relationship? Is that what you really want to face every day?

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4. You come first all the time

Your partner never writes or calls you the first. It is also you who have to initiate all discussions and conversations. Even if you feel sad or worried, you can’t count on support or attention.  Your partner is sure that everything is alright, and all your worries are worth nothing at all. They say – it’s in your head only. That’s why you keep coming first and saving your bond every time. 

5. You can’t make your own decisions

Due to low self-esteem and lack of confidence, you stop making your own decisions. You do not understand what is right and what is not. Constant hesitations and accuses from the partner make you feel down. As a result, you completely depend on your partner.

6. They do not talk about themselves

Healthy relationship are relationships where two people are open and discuss everything. If you share everything with your partner and do not get it in return, then it may be a bad signal. It means that your partner closes their life, and is not eager to tell anything. This way, you are getting far away from each other and your connection is weakening step by step. 

7. You often feel confused and guilty

Women and men who play mind games in relationships make their partners feel confused and guilty. As a result, you doubt feelings for a significant other, whether they love you or not, and what place beside them you take actually.  For instance, you feel love and care today while the next day everything changes. Hot and cold behavior negatively contribute to any relationship. You stop wondering what you have done wrong, what your fault is, and what to do next.

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Why Do People Get into Mind Games in Relationships?

Do you think that you deal with mind games issue? But why does it all happen actually? What is in the head of people who start playing mind games in relationships? Let’s make it clear right now:

  • They want to get something from you. Instead of coming to you and explaining everything, they prefer to play mind games to confuse you. As a result, you do not understand anything and feel pressure all the time.
  • They want to place control. They use any given ways to manipulate you and place control over you. It may be money, sex, attention, etc. Eventually, you are expected to do certain things just as your partner wants them to be.
  • They want to make you weak. When people start playing mind games there is no other reason than to make the partner feel weak. They aim to be winners in every possible way. Others should do everything in accordance with their scenario.

What is a Way out From Mind Games in Relationships?

Once you understand that everything between you and your partner has changed, and you deal with mind games, then your next step should be exploring effective solutions. First of all, think well to understand what expectations you have from the following connection. Do you want to save this relationship or not? Based on this decision, you may identify your next actions. Among them can be:

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  1. Frank conversation. You can’t know anything for sure until you talk with your partner frankly. Say what you feel, and what you want. Express your position clearly. Be sure that you have a few examples to comment on your position. Next, listen to the reaction of your significant other. Are they ready to cope with the situation or do they say that all problems exist in your head only?
  2. Strict decision. Depending on the response you get during the conversation, you should decide what to do next. Would you like to preserve the relationship or you are not ready to wait until your partner changes? Mind that you should decide now and do not get back to this conversation all the time as nothing good will happen in the long run.
  3. Accept your partner’s reaction.  Whatever your partner says, you should accept it without any judgment.  You are about to start a new chapter of your life, and you should let another person do the same.

Final Word

When you face the issue of mind games in a relationship, you may feel confused and sad. You try to understand how it could happen. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer at all. In most cases, the relationship is worsening step by step, and you realize that something is wrong all of sudden.  This is when you should mind all the above-discussed signs, examples, and recommendations. We hope that this guide will help you cope with such an unpleasant situation. Remember that you are not the one who deals with the following issue. However, only you decide what outcome you are going to get in the long run.

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