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Marriage Swindlers. Runaway Bride Scheme

Online dating has stopped being something unusual. Today more and more people join international dating sites hoping to come across a special one. Unfortunately, along with them, marriage swindlers become active as well. It doesn’t matter what is your age, sex, and experience as everybody can easily become a victim of a talented cheater. What is more, not only do women risk getting into a trap, men also can easily become a target of skillful seductress. Here is what we are going to talk about today.

What is Runaway Bride Scheme?

Once a former president of the USA, Donald Trump said “If at the beginning of the story there was a lot of love, this does not mean that in the finale she will not try to rob you “. Of course, it is not reasonable to focus all your attention on possible negative consequences, but you should be ready for everything. So, the Runaway bride scheme is one of the most popular with every marriage swindler these days. Men who are eager to start relationships with younger girls are at risk.

In this case, the events develop very quickly. Suddenly, a special woman appears in the man’s life. Even if the guy usually doesn’t make quick decisions, right now he is ready to propose within a month. A bride finds reasons to speed up the preparation for the wedding. She starts to look for a hall, hire decorators, waiters, etc. She finds special entertainment for the guests and does everything to create a special atmosphere. Of course, the groom is expected to pay for everything. All these details are expensive but the man doesn’t care since his lady is happy and looks forward to their important day.

Did they live happily ever after?

A fantastic picture of an upcoming wedding and happy family life doesn’t have many chances to come true. A bride disappears right before a festive ceremony. She doesn’t answer the phone calls, and all her social media profiles are deleted. If the man visited her place, later he would find out that it was just a rented apartment. The groom is not successful to find the bride at the discussed workplace or educational establishment. A skillful lady managed to work out a fantastic plan to skinhead the man.

When the lady disappears, her victim learns that she has canceled all bookings, and got all prepayments. In fact, this money is the main profit of the woman. Marriage swindlers choose contractors that have the money-back option and prefer to pay in cash so that the funds are not returned to the groom’s card.

Why Does Runaway Bride Scheme Work?

Before meeting a definite man, a talented seductress collects the information about him and his previous relationships. She checks social media profiles and does deep research to understand the image of the woman with whom the man was not happy. Next, she creates an image of a perfect partner who has everything that a previous one didn’t. She wants to impress the man and gives him everything that he is searching for.

The main thing that makes a bride scheme successful is a quick marriage proposal. Even if the woman is a great actress, she can’t play her role for a long period. Hence she manipulates the man’s feelings. She is smart, beautiful, caring, and just perfect in general. Still, something happens and the woman disappears. The man starts to worry and after her sudden return, he asks her to marry him. The man is too excited and is afraid to lose her again. This is what the lady wanted to achieve.

How Not to Become a Victim of Marriage Swindlers?

If you are interested in online dating but you don’t want to become a victim of a skilled woman, you should remember a few important rules:

  1. Try to learn more about the girl. Always analyze the details and facts. Meet her family and friends to see the girl in different situations.
  2. Do not speed up things. A quick decision to get married can become a real mistake when you know each other for a short period.
  3. If you decide to propose, take an active part in preparation for the wedding. Meet the organizators and pay only via a credit card. This way, you can be sure that all funds are back in your banking account.
  4. Stay positive. Do not expect every lady to cheat you out of your money. Just do not jump to conclusions and verify all information that your new interlocutor shares.

In Conclusion

Together with numerous advantages and opportunities, online dating comes up with a few threats. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t meet your love on dating apps or websites. Following the efficient tips will reduce the risks of getting into a trap of experienced marriage swindlers. Finally, do not neglect the main rule – a dating site should be legit and trustworthy. It is your guarantee of safe online acquaintances.

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  1. A couple of my friends got into these trap, so I am very careful now.But I truly belive, finding love online is possible….)

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