How to Make a Girl Feel Special:

How to Make a Girl Feel Special? Useful Recommendations To Know

All girls, even those who have great self-esteem, need to know that they are loved and appreciated. This is what moves them forward, inspires them to look better, and organize a cozy atmosphere at home. While most guys forget this simple rule, others enjoy positive results. What team would you like to be in? In case you want to know how to make a girl feel special and melt her heart in the long run, then keep reading the article full of cool tips, and achieve your goal easily.

7 Proven Ways to Make a Woman Feel Special

If you do not want to waste time and prefer learning only effective ways on how to make a girl feel special, then you are at the right place. Read all recommendations attentively from experienced specialists, and see how happy your woman is. 

1. Be Generous with Pleasant Words

This recommendation may seem to be quite trivial but it is really important. Even if you tell your girl that she is beautiful, you need to keep doing that regularly. Of course, it would be great if you discover new love words not to sound boring each time. Be choosy with your compliments, and replace usual phrases like “ you are so hot” with something else. Complicated phrases are cool as they help reveal your feelings with extra tones. remember that compliments should not be devoted only to her impressive appearance. Think what kind of personality she is. What do you appreciate about her? Admit all these qualities during your next meeting. For example, you may mention how well she is at speaking a foreign language, or her talent at playing the piano. How to make a girl feel special with words? Be generous with compliments all the time but do not overdo them. This way you will show your affection and still make her wait for your next compliment. Here are a few rules on how to make a girl feel special:

  • Balance casual and unusual compliments. Find something unique about the girl and focus your attention on this thing.
  • Extend short phrases into long meaningful sentences. Try to sound convincing and trusted. 
  • Choose the right moment. Otherwise, even the next compliment will not be appropriate.
  • Look into her eyes. This way you will prove that you really care and want to make her smile at least for a moment.
  • Be honest. There is no sense to say things that are not true. The girl will feel it even in the message, so none of your attempts how to make a girl feel special through text will end successfully. 
how to make a girl feel special over text

2. Display Your Care

Unfortunately, most guys today have the wrong idea about displaying care to girls.  It is not only about asking “How was your day”, or “Taking her heavy bags”. Try to get involved in things that she does regularly or is interested in. Join her on hiking or shopping. Even if you do not like it, try to pretend that you do, but avoid participating in a particular activity next time. Anyway, doing something together helps learn each other better.

3. Explore Her Personality

Girls appreciate men who can listen well. Do your best to ask more questions to learn the lady better.  Getting deeper will let you understand what kind of personality you are dealing with. Unfortunately, not all guys understand this and focus their attention on a girl’s appearance only. As a result, the lady quickly realizes the true intentions of the man and decides to stop communication. If you do not want to face such a scenario, then keep in mind a few efficient tips:

  • Ask what interests she has, and what talents she owns. Even if she doesn’t know what to answer, try to find out it.  Every person has some hobbies and passions. These are things that help relax, distract from routine, and feel happy. Discover her interests and learn more about them if you know a little about particular things. 
  • Practice active listening. It doesn’t matter what you are discussing. Your task is to listen to the girl and analyze all information. If you do not know what to say, just confess it honestly so that the girl understands the situation correctly. Otherwise, you risk dealing with mind games in relationships and their unpleasant consequences. 
  • Stay patient. If at some point you will think that something strange or even crazy happens, then breathe out and calm down. Being patient is the best thing that you can do in any situation. Is your lady often late? Do not get angry and try to find out what has happened – maybe she needs your help. 

4. Balance Big and Small Things

It is great to know how to make a girl feel special on a date. But it is also important to show your interest every day. Of course, making amazing surprises all the time is just impossible. That’s why experts recommend balancing small and big things. Think well: what can please your girl in everyday life? Try to practice surprising her as often as you can. It may be something usual like sending flowers, or unexpected like dinner on the roof. In the long run, you will reach your goal – melt a girl’s heart and let her feel special.  Here are a few extra ideas on how to make a girl feel special in a relationship:

  • Take a lot of pictures of her and create some pieces of art;
  • Write romantic notes and leave them everywhere to make her smile each time;
  • Play a musical instrument or record a song to show your affection;
  • Do something for her family to prove that you have serious intentions;
  • Create a video to tell about your feeling at a deeper level;
  • Remember her dreams and realize them from time to time;
  • Learn how to cook her favorite dish, and arrange a romantic dinner for two;
  • Announce how much she means to you in a public.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your girl feel special despite your current budget and time potential. Act from big to small and back. Actually, making her heart beat faster should be your main priority.

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5. Be Always Close At Hand

Perhaps most guys know how to make a girl feel special on Valentine’s day, but what about the rest of 364 days? There is no doubt that the lady would like to see your affection and feel your love. That’s why experts highly recommend being close at hand regularly no matter whether the following day is special or usual. Be there when your girl needs it. You may know how to touch a girl to make her feel special but it will not have any sense if you do it too late. If you see that the lady has a bad mood, find out what you can do to improve it.  On-time support and a sincere attitude can make wonders for sure.  Cheer her up and be by her side when she needs it no matter what other people say. It is only you two to decide what suits you better. 

6. Be Unpredictable

Can the girl easily say what to expect from you next time? Change it. Try to be unpredictable a little bit. This way, you will save intrigue and make her heart beat faster. Does she expect you to bring a traditional bouquet of flowers? Choose another way to display your sympathy. Is she sure that you are going to Paris only for a few days? Say that your trip will last a week. Actually, being unpredictable may be a little challenging at first. You may feel even uncomfortable, but soon, you will start to enjoy the process. The girl’s reaction in such situations will please you and inspire you to new achievements. Of course, you need to know the girl well and avoid arranging unexpected surprises that may make her upset.   

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7. Accept Her Completely

Women even more than men need to know that partners accept them completely. It refers both to appearance and character. Is your girl too emotional? Well, show that you are here to help her cope with her aggression, worries, anxiety, etc. Is she often late for your date? Say that you are ready to wait for her as long as necessary. Is she afraid of dentists? Mention that it is okay and you can visit a doctor with her. When the woman can be who she is by your side, she feels safe and special. Show your respect no matter what is going on. Forgive her when she is not right and she confesses this.  Try to make friends with people who are important to her. All in all, you need to accept all her weaknesses and strengths if you want to make her feel special in any situation. 

Final Word

You sure know how to make a girl feel special but there is something that you may miss. The above-mentioned recommendations will make your route simpler and more enjoyable. Mind that the girl who feels special will give you back more than she has got. Do not stop to admire the lady and do everything in your power to draw a smile on her face. After all, a happy woman is a great source of inspiration for any man, so take your chance to change the quality of your life this way. Explore all tips and try to practice them regularly. Having them at your hand, you are not going to experience difficulties with how to make a girl feel special. 

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