Rules on Getting Acquainted via Instagram

Today people spend a lot of time online for different purposes: work, communicate, study, and have fun. While modern technologies seem to keep developing day by day, users already can’t imagine their lives without social networking. Definitely, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. More and more people are registering accounts there and developing their profiles. The total number of monthly active Instagram users is prevailing one billion, according to Omnicore. Hence, if you want to get acquainted online, it seems to be a perfect option for you. Still, it is recommended to keep in mind a few important rules to succeed and not waste time.

How to Get Acquainted in Instagram?

It would be really hard to find a person who does not have an Instagram account. People of all ages and nations have already joined a popular platform and use it regularly. Therefore, you have a wide pool of users to choose from and start the relationship you are looking for. With these rules, you will surely make your dream come true.

Choose a profile photo

Unfortunately, some people decide to add a fake photo and pretend to be someone else. But, it would be the worst decision in your life. It is not recommended to upload the picture of some model, movie, or cartoon character. Also, do not choose the photo with your friends or the one that really gives no idea of what person you actually are. Make sure that a profile image is of good quality, and demonstrates your character and intentions. Simply put, avoid uploading pictures with a naked body or in a strange environment.

Check your feed

Before you like the post of a definite person, make sure that your own feed will be interested in a stranger. Mind that Instagram is not only the platform for publishing photos but a nice place for sharing your ideas and thoughts. What to post on Instagram? It depends on your expertise and interests. Choose the topics that you are good at, instead of writing nonsense and looking silly. Stories may be a good option to say and share everything you want, but a feed should be nice and well-arranged.

Avoid telling lies

Without a doubt, people like honesty. If you want to get acquainted with Instagram and keep communicating, then it is better to start by saying things as they are. Earlier or later the truth will come out, and then you risk getting into a not very pleasant situation. You are recommended to say directly about your work, achievements, family, and hobbies. In case you are not satisfied with some aspects of your life, then just work at them before meeting online. Simply put, you may need to lose a few kilos, gain new skills, etc. If any of this can boost your confidence, then it’s high time to do it.

Forget common phrases

One of the most common questions that guys have is “ What to write to a girl for a successful dating?”. As for women, they would like to know how they can attract men. In both cases, it is necessary to forget about trivial phrases and replace them with something more interesting. Mind that you always can find a hitch in the person’s profile. For example, there are photos from the concert of some celebrity. You can ask a question that is related to it, and so on.

Follow the profile

The person will surely understand that you are interested in an acquaintance if they see your likes and comments. Get engaged in the stories and stay active. Even if you didn’t manage to attract attention at once, keep following the feed. Who knows, maybe soon, you will get a reply at last, and a chance to have a try. By the way, you can find common topics to discuss after looking through the posts and pictures. Such an approach boosts your chances for overall success.


Despite the increasing popularity of Instagram, most people still prefer to register on International dating sites and meet there. For example, on VictoriyaClub, you get plenty of options and tools to enjoy pleasant communication with the same-minded person. If you still want to try getting acquainted via Instagram, then keep in mind the above rules, and do not waste time with strangers who can’t meet your expectations.

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