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How Trust Building Exercises For Couples Can Improve Intimacy In Relationship?

Happy are those people in a relationship who know how to trust each other. And those who tried all of our trust building exercises for couples. Trust is a key component of a healthy relationship with your beloved partner and future wife/husband. Without it, there is no emotional contact and intimacy with a partner. And without it, you will never become truly close people.

When they talk about trust, they always think that they need to do something with a partner. But the fact that trust is initially a qualitative relationship with oneself is not considered. Tight control and suspicion arise when a person is not sure that they themselves are loved and valuable. So first of all, you need to deal with your anxiety and self-love.

Only after you have dealt with internal issues, you can work on strengthening the relationship. Trust is something that takes time and sometimes even effort. There are several ways to build trust in a couple. Choose your favorite or try all.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship?

If you repeatedly noticed such a problem in a relationship as distrust, consider our exercises for couples. They will definitely help you build trust and emotional closeness in a couple. It is optional to practice them all at once, start with one or two and you will see the result.

1. Give your partner small tasks

If your partner has broken your trust and wants to get it back, a good way to do this is to start small. Here is one of the relationship building activities. Contact them with small requests and notice how they feel about it: whether it makes an effort to help you, whether it warns if it fails.

This is not about manipulating or testing your partner. But about sharing your expectations and counting on the fact that it is important for your partner to follow them.

2. Tell each other about your fears

Trusting a partner is not just not being afraid to walk with them through dark streets or letting them choose your wardrobe. But to dedicate them to your thoughts, desires, dreams, experiences, and especially fears. How to rebuild trust after cheating? The intimacy between you will become stronger if you are open to each other. To share what we are afraid of means to become vulnerable to a partner. Not everyone dares to do so. But if you overcome fear, then you and your lover will reach a new level of understanding and acceptance of each other.

Whether you are afraid of losing your job, getting fat, or becoming unattractive to your soulmate – do not be afraid to seem sentimental or even stupid, there is nothing to be ashamed of in revelation! After your words, it will be easier for your partner to understand where you need to show more care and affection.

3. Try something new together

trust building exercises for couples after infidelity

How to rebuild trust in a relationship? An important fact is that people are brought together by joint impressions. A hobby that will take you out of your comfort zone encourages you to learn new facets of relationships and re-learn trust. There are many activities designed for the close interaction of two people, such as acro yoga. By doing supports and various exercises, you literally teach your body to relax and rely on a partner. If yoga seems to be too difficult for you, take up dancing or choose any other entertainment, the main thing is that in it you are not just partners, but complement each other. If you are dating online, you can try new hobbies and activities together via the Zoom app!

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4. Plan your leisure time in turns

An important part of trust is the relinquishment of control. If you are used to necessarily discussing plans for the weekend or even making them yourself, choosing a specific place for a date and what you will do there, try to give up this habit at least sometimes.

Agree to organize leisure activities in turn. Do not give any hints, do not try to find out in advance what awaits you, and let your partner surprise you. This is the best way to show your partner that you trust them and learn how to let go of control yourself. After all, it’s just about a date, not about choosing an apartment or a name for the baby.

5. Swap phones for a while

   trust building exercises for couples after lying

A very dangerous exercise! But only for those who have something to hide. Interesting fact: statistics say that 7 from 10 people at least once looked at their partner’s phone when they were not in the room. One of the useful activities to rebuild trust in a relationship is swapping your phones for some time. The essence of the task is as follows: you and your partner exchange smartphones at an unplanned time in advance and are free to do whatever you want with them. If this exercise is easy for you, then you have a high level of trust in a couple.

The purpose of the task is to understand whether you are ready to give your soulmate your gadget with all the correspondence in social networks and instant messengers, calls, stupid photos, and letters in the mail. Even if you don’t have anything like that, but you also don’t want to give your partner a phone, it means that you are not ready to trust him. And if a feeling of anxiety arises, then even at a subconscious level you cannot let go of the situation and let your beloved into the circle of trust.

6. Create a wish board

What are effective couple exercises to build trust? Many family psychologists advise couples to create a joint wish board. What it is? This board visualizes all your “wishlists”: do you dream of children, a big house, a Labrador, a BMW car, or a new apartment? Find these pictures on the Internet, print and stick them on the board (or on paper). If you have an online relationship, you can make the board online (create a collage in any app). The essence of the exercise is that in a playful way, you can find out what each of you wants to get in the future, what to come to, and what to achieve. It is also a great way to understand if your partner sees children, a wedding, and not just joint entertainment and travel in later life. The lesson will turn into a romantic evening if your plans coincide, and you look in the same direction and go toward the same goals.

7. Practice trust games

 trust building exercises for couples after infidelity pdf

There are many games with which you can find out the level of trust in a couple, as well as strengthen it. Here we want to tell you about one of the couples trust building exercises, the game called “trust fall”. One partner gets ahead of the other, the essence of the game is to catch a partner who will fall into your hands. The game will show how ready you are to trust your soulmate. Let’s talk more about the rules.

  • The hands of the falling person should be folded over the chest.
  • You have to be careful not to fall over. You can’t bend your knees.
  • Before falling, you need to ask if the partner is ready and wait for a clear answer.

This game for rebuilding trust in a relationship must be played with the utmost care and attention. In no case should a situation be allowed where the partner does not catch the other, as this greatly undermines the credibility of the group. If this happened, if possible, the situation should be discussed and repeated very carefully.

Let’s Sum Up

Trust is hard to earn and very easy to lose. This wording is probably familiar to every person, and hardly anyone will argue with it. Indeed, trust is necessary for a serious and strong relationship, otherwise constant suspicions, deceit and cunning will lead to an inevitable break.

But is it so easy to learn to trust? We have shared with you useful tips on this topic. We hope these trust building exercises for couples will help build trust in your couple and build a harmonious, warm relationship.

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  1. Good article, but I have a lot of questions. Who tried to create a wish board? I once tried to do this, my girlfriend and I drew pictures of our desires, but that was all. How to force yourself not only to draw pictures, but to fulfill all desires?

    1. try to just set a goal, maybe you will be able to change your attitude towards dreams and desires. Motivation is the best way to solve a problem

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