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One Sided Open Relationship – How to Get Awesome Experience with No Pain

Today you will hardly impress anyone by saying that you have one sided open relationship. People with different sexual orientations, views, and preferences feel free to create connections that make them happy. If a few years ago, you may only guess whether your neighbors are fans of polyamory, then today they even will not try to hide this fact. A world full of sexual freedom allows you to enjoy your relationship for 100%. For example, about 4 % of Americans are involved in an open relationship.  Still, if you are interested in one sided open relationship stories, you should know how such a type of connection work. Otherwise, you risk experiencing disappointment rather than excitement. Also, one sided open relationship rules will help you order everything properly and do not stuck in misunderstandings and quarrels. 

What is a One Sided Open Relationship?

Before discussing the rules, let’s start with one sided open relationship definition to understand the issue better.  First of all, you should not confuse such a connection with polyamory. While it has something in common, the notions surely have different ideas. One sided open relationship meaning says that one partner doesn’t meet your expectations in emotional, physical, and any other related aspects. Hence, you can have a few sexual partners while there is a single romantic connection in your life. Can a one sided open relationship work? Certainly, it can if you know the main secrets of arranging such a connection properly. 

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How to Have a One Sided Open Relationship: Main Rules

Wife or husband wants a one sided open relationship? Great, but the first thing that you should do is to set definite rules.  This way, both you and your partner will feel safer and more confident.  If you feel definite difficulties, then you should not hurry to discuss the rules. Give yourself some time to see how everything works. A bit later you can back to talking about all do’s and don’ts if your boyfriend or girlfriend wants one sided open relationship. 

The fact is that every person has their own vision of relationships. In other words, if something is okay for you, it may be not acceptable for your partner. Some couples deal with blurred borders and as a result, they suffer from a complete misunderstanding.  The rules you accept must ground on your readiness to agree, go for commissions, and of course ability to listen to each other. Here are some of the rules based on one sided open relationship Reddit:

Be frank and sincere

How to request one sided open relationship? You should say everything directly. It means your partner should know all your thoughts, ideas, and preferences.  Honesty is actually a key factor in any relationship and open connection is not an exception as well. If you have a few partners you sleep, it would be better to say your significant other about that. The same works for another person. You have the right to know that your partner feels special about somebody else. Only when you two are honest and try to make outside connections as healthy as it is just possible, then the answer to your question “Is it ok to have a one sided open relationship?” – yes, it is. 

Respect feelings and desires of your partner

Everyone has a full right to choose what is good and what is not for them. If your significant other says that open relationship is not okay, then you should be ready to discuss the situation in details. Try to avoid mind games, explain your position and listen to your significant other as well. Mind to be picky about the words and phrases that you say, and show full respect for the wishes and desires of your partner. Please remember that you are both in equal position, so avoid possible jealosy, and fights.

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Discuss all limitations including protection

Once each of you explains what one sided open relationship means from their point of view, you can go on talking about all related limitations, and borders. In other words, you should work out things that are not allowed for your experience. For example, an issue of protection is worth discussing at first. You will hardly want to put your current partner at risk, so using condoms with another person must be rule number one. An individual who chooses one sided open relationship must give certain guarantees that any connection outside a current union will not impact it.  Of course, it would be quite difficult to save available warmth – but it is still possible.

Choose lovers carefully

Another important thing to remember is to choose your lover carefully not to harm your current relationship. A person should know that you have a partner and you do not plan to leave them. Of course, it is not the best idea to get into one sided open relationship with some of your comrades, colleagues or other close people. In this case, you risk feeling awkward or making your significant other uncomfortable. It is better to look for a compatible lover on one of dating websites to save warmth in your current relationship.

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Recall your feelings all the time

How to deal with a one sided open relationship? You are highly recommended to remind your current partner that you love and appreciate them. It is important to say that they are above all for you, and you are not going to go away. Hence, you can arrange dates, say love words, and admire your regular partner. Giving presents, and showing your care and attention are top things for couples with one sided open relationship.

Stop if you do not enjoy

It doesn’t matter whether you have been dating for years or just weeks before you decide get into one sided open relationship with boyfriend or girlfriend. This is another game, and you should realize that the rules are not simple. Hence, if for some reason, your answer to the question “Can a person have a one sided open relationship?” has changed, then you should accept it and stop. There is no sense to prolong something that doesn’t make you happy. Even if you thought that such a type of connection is okay for you, you have a right to stop in case you do not enjoy the situation, or the reality turned out to be far from the image in your head.

Pros and Cons of Girlfriend or Boyfriend Wants One Sided Open Relationship

Do you still have some doubts or hesitations about one sided open relationship? The following do’s and don’ts will help you make everything clear at last. Only when you realize the peculiarities of such a connection, you will be able to make things work for you instead of ruining a current relationship.

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Final Thoughts: One Sided Open Relationship OK?

When both partners are involved in open relationship, it is much more easier than one-sided open commitment. In the case of the latter, one person has a sexual or emotional connection with another individual while their partner doesn’t. Still, it also requires honesty and respect. In other words, another person should be aware of the situation and accept it without any jealousy. In most cases, one sided open relationship is a choice of people who are fed up with the routine in their marriage. But it is necessary to remember that such commitment may become a real challenge for your couple. Hence, this type of relationship may survive only if both partners honestly agree to it, and are ready to respect set boundaries. 


Here are a few common questions that people are wondering about when facing the issue of one-sided open relationship.

1. Can a open relationship be one-sided? Yes, it can. According to the one sided open relationship definition, this is when one person has a few partners, while another one agrees to it, and stays away from doing the same.

2. What happens in a one-sided relationship? One person creates an emotional or physical connection with an individual out of an official relationship. Meanwhile, a current partner doesn’t mind it.

3. What is the success rate of an open relationship? There is no single opinion on it. Still, some researchers state that the success rate of such a relationship is about 8%.

4. Do people in open relationships love each other? Yes, some of them do, while others already experience a lack of emotions and passion that’s why they decide to date someone else.

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  1. Interesting))) Frankly speaking, I have never heard about such a type of commitment. I was sure that the relationship may be open only from two sides. Anyway, I do not support such a connection. Of course, tastes differ and all people can choose what appeals to them more – but I am not even going to explore a one-sided open relationship.

  2. One of my friend has one sided relationship, he often says that it is a great way to save marriage. As for me, I would hardly ever try such type of connection as I am sure it is destroying for love and passion between partners. Anyway, tastes differ and everybody chooses what suits them better.

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