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Dating Sites vs. Marriage Agencies: What to Choose

It’s getting more and more complicated to get acquainted nowadays just while walking in the park or having dinner in a local café. People spend a lot of time looking at their smartphones and even do not notice what is going on around them. They do shopping, read eBooks, order food, and perform dozens of other things online. Clearly, it is not a problem to start online dating as well. Usually, a person needs to like the photo or send a smile to initiate the communication. You can check the profile and learn a lot about the life of a potential interlocutor: favorite books/films/countries, etc. Unfortunately, most of such acquaintances remain virtual. That’s why people consider joining international dating sites or approaching marriage agencies. Actually, this is a great decision because you can achieve your purpose quicker. If you decide to stop waiting for a miracle or wasting time communicating with the wrong people, then these options will surely appeal to you. But first, it is necessary to discover the main differences between dating sites and marriage agencies.

Comparison of Dating Sites and Marriage Agencies

Novice daters may feel confused when they need to choose among dating services only one. If you are one of them, then look at the main differences between popular dating sites and professional marriage agencies.

1.Principles of work

Marriage agencies offer the clients only real acquaintances, without messaging or Skype calls. Usually, potential partners only see each other’s profiles. They study available information and a few photos. In case they are interested in each other, they are arranging a personal meeting. A certified matchmaker chooses the people who get professional coaching during the whole process. As for the dating site, here you can enjoy online communication and when you both are ready, shift to the offline world.


Marriage agencies hire professional matchmakers and psychologists. The staff must make sure that the girls are not married and their dating goals are real. Unfortunately, you risk coming across fake profiles and even marriage swindlers on dating websites. It is sad to understand that you have wasted a lot of time and energy on a person who doesn’t exist at all. But the most terrible thing is that you started to feel something towards this stranger. Often, the users of dating sites have different purposes. Some of them are eager to meet the love of their whole life, while others are just interested in dating fraud only.

3. Target audience

In most cases, a client of marriage agencies must meet certain requirements. These may be age limitations, absence of certain illnesses, etc. As for dating sites, everybody can register an account and build a fake profile with untrue information. It’s almost impossible to understand who stands behind the profile at once. Even sites with strong security measures and email or phone verification have scammers. That’s why video calls are a must in this case. You can make sure that the person in the photo is who you actually are talking with.

4. Confidentiality

One of the best advantages of marriage agencies is 100% confidentiality. Most of them guarantee the security of personal information and photos. Things are opposite on dating websites. Every community member can view your data and added pictures. It may be quite extraordinary to meet your co-workers on a dating website.


By approaching a dedicated agency, the client knows for sure that he/she will meet a suitable person within a definite period. After registration on the dating website, you can’t know when exactly you will come across a perfect match. You can talk with a person for months and have no happy ending at all. It all depends, so you have to stay calm.

6. Language

If you want to meet someone from another country, you may face language barriers after registration on a dating site. Of course, you can take advantage of online translation tools, but they may not always be effective enough. Marriage agencies involve professional entrepreneurs in your communication so you will not face any difficulties with understanding each other. Still, it means that your communication will not be very personal and intimate.

Final Thoughts on Dating Sites & Marriage Agencies

According to Statista, about 53.3 million people will use online dating services by 2025. They think that meeting online is a great way to save time and meet a perfect match these days. Despite the option that you will choose: a marriage agency or dating site, you should be very attentive with the choice of dating provider. It must be a trustworthy platform, with success stories, like VictoriyaClub, which takes the best security measures to protect the users’ information.

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