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Top Dirty Texts to Boost Your Naughty Conversations

If you want to bring your messaging routine to a whole new level, sending the most optimal dirty texts to your girlfriend sounds like a wise idea. While flowers and gifts are great, you can make your romantic experience more exciting using the best dirty texts to send a girl. This article dwells upon the topic of the effectiveness of naughty messages as well as gives examples of dirty texts for different situations. Keep reading to plunge into the world of kinky chats and unforgettable online moments. 

Why Are Dirty Texts Beneficial For Your Relationships?

Based on Google trends, dirty text message ideas are sought-after among online users of different ages. Some people try to use kinky phrases to catch the attention of their potential partners while others want to make their relationship flaw by flirting virtually. Based on the sexting statistics featured in Forbes, 52.3% of men have constantly engaged in writing dirty texts. Another survey shows that 61% of women like such kinky behavior, but only if they trust their partners. 

So, what are the advantages of flirty and candid messages? Study the list of potential benefits of writing funny dirty texts to decide whether such type of interaction with your girlfriend works for you. 

  • Kinky live chats can considerably spice up your intimate life. If you want to discover love words for your girlfriend to melt her heart, it is just the time to have several wet dirty texts up your sleeves.
  • Sexting is useful for long-distance relationships. You can maintain a healthy atmosphere in your relationship while being far away once you flirt and make love with your partner online. 
  • The best dirty text can give the right flow to the entire conversation. If you have an awkward moment during your online communication, it is just the time to spice up your messaging session with a naughty phrase. 

Super Dirty Texts for Any Situation 

You can experience numerous situations when really dirty texts for her can bring your relationship to new heights. While having a couple of sexy and catchy sentences at hand, you can tease your partner and make her horny. These sexting examples for different situations will definitely leave your girlfriend in awe. 

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Dirty Text Conversations at the Beginning of Relationships 

If you’ve just started out, you will need to make a rapport with your girlfriend, without overdoing intimacy. Use these phrases and sentences to conquer the heart of your partner and make her feel crazy about you. 

  1. I couldn’t wait to talk to you in front of the camera. Can you imagine our flirty talks?
  2. I can’t stop thinking about the night we will be together… alone. I believe it will be awesome.
  3. Could you imagine us together and naked? What do you think it will result in?
  4. I have some plans for you tonight. Will you join my romantic and sometimes kinky ideas about you?
  5. What are you wearing tonight? I wish I could see you right away.
  6. What would you wear if we stayed together in one room at night?
  7. You are so seductive. I want to please you in a special way. 
  8. Your natural allure makes me crazy. Can’t wait to see you … and kiss.
  9. I would like to do numerous flirty things with you instead of being at work. 
  10. Why can’t you just come and lay beside me? I want to feel your smell. 

Dirty Texts for Her—Long Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship may be rather daunting. In case long-distance online dating tips to make your life easier don’t work anymore, you can fix your problem by writing something seductive to your girlfriend. If you are living apart but want to please your lady with really dirty texts, you can use the options below to diversify your romantic journey. 

  1. I badly miss you and want to kiss every inch of your body. 
  2. You are insanely sexy. Can’t wait to bring you to the heights.
  3. I came so hard when I was dreaming about you last evening. I wish my hands to please your body every single minute.
  4. Do you know what makes me horny? I adore looking at you naked and when you look at my…
  5. I see your sexy butt every time I close my eyes. But what I like the most is to see your butt when my eyes are open!
  6. I wish your tongue would wake me up this morning instead of this annoying alarm.
  7. While picturing you naked I am getting so horny. I miss your body and your moans. 
  8. Be ready for amazing nights with multiple orgasms when we meet.
  9. Right now, I am picturing you digging your sensual nails into my back when reaching orgasm. 
  10. I miss our crazy nights. What do you think I will whisper in your ear when we meet?
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Top Options for Long Dirty Texts for Her

If you are going to share a long seductive story with your best sexy girlfriend, feel free to use the sexiest dirty text messages. You can complement them with your own thoughts. Just let your imagination run wild to blow your lady away. 

  1. I can’t stop thinking about our sexy moments. I am so crazy about your body, tits, and butt. While having some ideas for our next adventure, I would like to ask you the question: ”Me on top, you on top or do you want from behind?” I mean which pose will we start with?
  2. My dick is getting hard as soon as I imagine you kissing me. Next time, I would like to lick every inch of your body, starting with your ears and ending with your toes. It goes without saying that I will give special attention to your pussy.   
  3. Your heart is going to beat with absolute pleasure when I put your panties off and kiss your sensitive body parts. I want to feel how you wriggle and listen to your moans. What do you think about some ice on your belly? I would like to lick it to the fullest. 
  4. This sexual chemistry between us blows me away. The only thing I am dreaming about is to explore your body and find the most sensitive parts. I cooked a tasty dessert, so you can eat it just while I am eating you. Are you ready for new love adventures with me?
  5. Would you like to play with me right away? You know, I am almost naked. Can you guess which clothes I have on? I would like you to slowly put it off and get to the action right away.
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Dirty Texts to Send your Girlfriend Before Going to Bed

If you live separately or are far away, having dirty texts to send before bed in your arsenal is a good idea. Typically, people feel lonely at night, so you will have an opportunity to bring an additional dose of sexual inspiration to your partner and make her night exciting. 

  1. Good night, my sweetheart. I hope you dream about me while sleeping and get an orgasm. 
  2. I wish we could sleep together. But before, I would like to have you dined, licked, wined, and 69-ed.
  3. I would like to have a dream about you. Maybe I will see our oral sex in my dreams, who knows?
  4. I am slightly wild tonight. Where is your whip to hold me in line? 
  5. I would like to try new devices during our next naughty night. What do you think?
  6. This night would be much better if I ate your pussy to the fullest. 
  7. You’ve been a very bad girl, so I want to sexually punish you before you go to bed.
  8. Will you do everything I ask tonight? There are numerous naughty thoughts in my mind. 
  9. Why are you so damn sexy? I can’t stop picturing your hot body in my mind. Will I sleep tonight?
  10.  I need your help. No sleep tonight until we both have unforgettable orgasms. 

Naughty Messages to Send Before a Date

In case you want to set the right mood before the date, it is just the time to use dirty texts to make her wet. However, it is still necessary to keep in mind the duration of your relationships. If you have just created a connection, it is better to avoid being too expansive and assertive. 

  1. I would like to bring you to the restaurant and then make your toes curl up with unforgettable sensations.
  2. First pizza, then sex. Could you be without undies tonight?
  3. Do you like such a scenario: We are walking hand in hand and kissing and then having a wild sex session in my kitchen?
  4. I would like to have your pussy next to me in my bed after our date night.
  5. You can’t even imagine what sexy surprises I’ve prepared for you. 
  6. Ever wondered about having sex in public? You have an exclusive chance to turn your dreams into reality tonight.  
  7. I am ready to fulfill your weirdest sex desires tonight. Are you ready for loud moans and hot sensations? 
  8. 7 o’clock. My kitchen table. I don’t care what you are going to wear. 
  9. I would like to have an effective workout session tonight… not in the fitness center. 
  10. Granted, you won’t be able to move after I deliver an exclusive pleasure to you this evening. 

Dirty Texts To Send Across The Room—Most Seductive Picks

Who says that you can’t send dirty texts if you live under the same roof? It is a great opportunity to kickstart your sizzling journey. In case you are craving a feeling of novelty, feel free to exchange naughty messages. Here are just some examples to arouse a desire in your partner. 

  1. Go to the bedroom and you will see something fascinating. 
  2. Something tasty is waiting for you in the kitchen. And it is not dinner…
  3. Bathroom, kitchen, backyard… this time you choose.
  4. I am waiting for you in the bedroom… naked and hard!
  5. Can you find me right away to play kinky games?
  6. Are you ready for an unforgettable night?
  7. I have naughty thoughts right away. Can I share them with you in bed?
  8. Yesterday I had a dirty dream about you. I guess it is the right time to turn it into reality. 
  9. Would you like to shower with me? I promise you will be clean and satisfied.
  10. You will definitely sleep better after a playful night with me. 

Dirty Texts To Send To Her—Useful Tips

Suffice it to say, you can’t write dirty texts for her just whenever you want. Your girlfriend might be busy or just in a bad mood. There are some useful tips that will help you make the most out of your sexting experience and tease your significant other. 

  • Agree on the schedule. Your lady will hardly be pleased with kinky messages while being at work or walking with her pet. Wait until she will be relaxed and ready to play naughty games with you. 
  • Take caution at the beginning of your relationships. Your girlfriend may be frustrated if you bomb her with 101 dirty text messages within a day. Don’t insist on intimacy and wait until your lady will be ready for a new stage in your relationship. 
  • Be creative and attentive. It goes without saying that women are all about men’s attention. You can combine your kinky messages with compliments to chase the heart of your match. 

Final Word 

If you fancy trying absolutely new sexcapades, very dirty texts might be the perfect tool to bring a vibrant spectrum of emotions into your relationships. The main thing here is to find the right approach for your babe to take full advantage of your flirting experience. Once you incorporate the above-mentioned messages into your online sex sessions, it will a breeze to turn on your girlfriend. 

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  1. Before you send dirty texts to your partner, I think you need to agree with this with her. Most of the men love it, but now all the women. Sometimes they can feel uncomfortable. My gf and I love dirty texts, especially when sometimes we are far away from each other. I think it makes our relations stronger and gives us more trust in each other.

  2. I like to make my gf horny – but you are right. It is important to send wet texts carefully. Earlier, I often overdid and made my lady feel uncomfortable. By the way, your examples are cool. I think I will take a few messages to impress my girlfriend tonight.

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